History & Contemporary Society

The Department of History & Contemporary Society at Bethel College offers undergraduate and graduate courses.



The department offers classes focusing in areas of criminal justice, history, international studies, pre-law, social sciences, and sociology. The goal of studies in our department encourages and helps all its students to achieve the following goals:

  • Acquire the specialized knowledge, the study and research skills specific to their discipline or major, and the analytical and critical thinking abilities expected of all liberal arts graduates.
  • Grow in their capacity to present ideas and arguments in a persuasive manner, both in public speaking and in writing.
  • Acquire a greater understanding of the historical, social and institutional contexts of current events (i.e., trends and developments in international affairs, politics, culture, economy and thought).
  • Articulate the ways in which Christians have sought to integrate disciplinary knowledge with personal faith and theology.
  • Explore what it means to approach their scholarly and professional identities from a “World Christian” perspective.

– Tom LaFountain, J.D.

Chair of the Department of History & Contemporary Society

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