Biology & Chemistry

We desire to instill in our students the belief that we are uniquely called by God to be stewards of His creation and to glorify Him through all aspects of our work.


The goals of our program are to teach students scientific principals and research techniques, learn how to think critically and analytically, become skilled at communicating, use knowledge and skills in a variety of settings, and understand how to apply a Christian worldview to science.

Bethel provides an atmosphere for growth. Our skilled and experienced faculty challenge and engage students from their freshman through senior years. In addition, our facilities, which include a cadaver teaching lab, research lab, and two additional biology teaching labs, give students the spaces they need to practice what they learn.

We recognize that Christians handle the relationship between God’s revelation in the scriptures and His revelation in the creation in different ways. Furthermore, we value this variety of Christian interpretations, believing that studying them helps us better understand the underlying issues and our own views. Therefore, students are likely to encounter more than one perspective regarding Christianity and our understanding of the sciences, though in ways that are always respectful of our supporting denominational position that Adam was created apart from evolution. For Bethel College's Educational Philosophy Statement on Origins, click here.

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